Amanda King & Fabio Cavadini are the production entity, Frontyard Films. Since 1987 Cavadini and King have been collaborating as a co-producer/director team, producing a string of documentaries, in a non-observational style combining interviews, archival and contemporary footage. They have worked together for almost 30 years tackling stories based in our region, about the environment, Indigenous rights and the arts.


Documentary as a form of story telling is something I only learned gradually as I realised the importance of watching, not only making, films. While finding your own
documentary filmmaking voice is a fascinating and sometimes difficult process, there are so many others to be challenged by or become engrossed in.


Documentary is a survivor and its coming back more and more- after all recording reality was the first form of filmmaking .Documentry will always be a fascination for me - a process of drawing from an unlimited source of stories.