Starting From Zero
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Is a story about three people exiled from East Timor in their youth. Twenty four years later they’ve returned to their shattered homeland to contribute to the reconstruction. Meet Ines Almeida, Lola dos Reis and Jacinto Tinocu – three Australia-East Timorese – who are now embarking on arguably the most challenging experience of their lives.
The documentary provides an intimate insight into these individuals as they juggle their aspirations and expectations within two different cultural experiences.

Developed with assistance from the Search Foundation
Developed and produced in association with the Australian Film Commission
Produced with assistance from the New South Wales Film and Television Office
Produced in association with SBS Independent
© Dai Le and Amanda King, the Australian Film Commission and the New South Wales Film & Television Office

2001 STARTING FROM ZERO 52 min Broadcast SBS TV

Starting From Zero

Duration: 52minutes
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