Color Change

This film exposes the intricate and complex challenges of ordinary people facing the Goliaths of our world.

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In a remote Papua New Guinea province, Robin Moken and other landowners are in a fight for their rights and their environment.
Over the past eighteen years, Australian based multinational, BHP has made huge profits while dumping billions of tonnes of tailings into the Ok Tedi and Fly Rivers, ignoring the poisoning of the eight hundred kilometre-long river system and the communities who live along it.

The Ok Tedi mine has created a major environmental disaster right on Australia's doorstep. The pollution coming down the Fly River will not only poison the Fly River delta but also spread into the Gulf of Papua, towards the Torres Strait and the Great Barrier Reef.

Director, Editor & Cinematographer: Fabio Cavadini Co-Producer: Amanda King

2013 COLOUR CHANGE 55mins Broadcast on NITV & ABC’s Australia Network
A team of landowners challenge the large Australian-based mining company, BHP as it goes about securing guarantees of total immunity against legal action following years of environmental damage to the land and rivers of the people of the remote Western province in Papua New Guinea.

Director's Cut
Duration: 1 hour 40minutes
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