1982 The Whole World Is Watching
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During the period of the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane in 1982 international eyes were turned on Australia.
THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING, which highlights the position of Aboriginal Australians, particularly from Queensland and their political struggle, is a campaign video produced and distributed 2 months before the Games to raise awareness and mobilise support for Aboriginal people who were organising peaceful protests in Brisbane during October 1982.
The Brisbane Games provides us with an opportunity to expose racism in Australia to the rest of the world.
To embarrass and expose Australia to international scrutiny is one positive aspect of peaceful and dignified protest at the Games – the most important is the fact that Black Australia assert herself as an active part of History.
The threat of large demonstrations at the Games inspired the Joh Bjelke Government to enact the
Commonwealth Games Act.

This Act gives power to the police to ban marches, confiscate leaflets, remove banners and arrest picketers.
Police have wide powers of search and arrest and will themselves be immune from prosecution.

This repressive legislation threatens the democratic rights of both Black and White Australians – we must start organising to resist such a blatant attack on our civil liberties.

The video was distributed widely among Aboriginal organizations, trade and student union networks, educational institutions, church groups and concerned individuals.


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