Clement Meadmore

Sculptor Clement Meadmore searches for his place in the world of art.

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This is the story of a sculptor’s search for his place in the world of art. Clement Meadmore visited Europe in the 1950’s and realized that the abstract art he was interested in wasn’t accepted in Australia. He was multi-talented, creating modernist furniture to earn a living, but his powerful geometric sculptures were his passion. He set off for New York in 1963 and stayed. Despite his recognition internationally – with large scale works across the US, in Japan, England and Europe - Australia is only now beginning to recognize and celebrate both his design and artistic output.

Latest News
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Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival

Winner of the Best Biographical Film Award and Finalist at the Monthly Finals of the New York International Film Awards, August 2021

Official Selection at the
New York Neorealism Film Awards,

and has received an

Honorable Mention at the New York Movie Awards

Honorable Mention at the
Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival.

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World premiere and Official Selection at the Fine Arts Film Festival 2020 in Venice, California USA
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